History of Changes

1.0.0 (2018-02-02)

  • New: KEY Column added.
  • New: Search by KEY.
  • Improved: Page number options increased to 25, 50, 100.
  • New: Ability to search multiple years at once.
  • New: Ability to search multiple types of music at once.
  • New: Ability to sort and rearrange songs in the playlist
  • New: Warning message now appears if you leave the page with songs still in your crate.
  • Fixed: Ft. Only search now includes all artists after the first artist.
  • New: Trending songs added to the homepage.
  • New: Different genres in the trending section.
  • New: DJ Videos added to the homepage.
  • Improved: Media player now changed to HTML5 for improved speeds and compatibility.
  • New: Media player now shows the waveform of the song.
  • New: SSL installed on the server. So all connections are secure and encrypted. 
  • Improved: Loading speed of Record Pool. 
  • New: WAV packs section on the main page.
  • Improved: Mobile layout.
  • Improved: Zip file size in Record Pool increased.
  • New: SSL installed server wide. All connections to the site are now encrypted & secure.
  • New: Website is now responsive design. For better user experience on different screen sizes.
  • New: Lossless section added to feature WAV and FLAC files.
  • New: DJ News section added.


2.0.0 (2018-11-21)

  • Improved: Redesign to work on all devices.
  • New: Hide/Show columns for mobile.
  • New: Limit characters displayed for mobile.
  • Change: Playlist removed from mobile.
  • Change: Advanced removed from mobile.
  • Improved: Increased space between search & clear.
  • Change: Advanced is now a yellow button.
  • New: Hide/Show filters for an increased view of results.
  • Change: Skip tracks removed from the player on mobile
  • Improved: New downloads & date added icons replace words in column titles.
  • Improved: Year & Types expand instead of scroll when multiple items selected.
  • Fixed: KEY search errors.
  • Fixed: When searching with "Newest Added" filter on. It only searches newest added songs.
  • New: Previously downloaded songs now show grey with check mark in main table.
  • New: WAVS button added to the record pool.
  • Improved: The layout of the music player located on the bottom of the record pool.

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