Dj Dopey (2003 World DMC Champion, MTV Canada) 

CrateConnect is not only a great site to download music on, but it's also a great network that dj's can tap into! Great site!. 

Dj Buddha (Multi-Platinum Remixer & Producer, A&R of Mr. 305 Inc, Official Dj for Pitbull)

CrateConnect is a great outlet for djs to get all types of music from the past & present. Been apart of the CrateConnect fam for a few years now, by the way the site is crazy !.

Benny Stixx (Internationally Known Baltimore Club Music Producer)

Slue provides only the best quality files with one of the biggest networks." "CrateConnect is quickly becoming the top place for dj's and artists to network and receive exclusive music as it drops from the labels." 

Dj Fubu (Official Tour Dj for Soulja Boy)

As a dj that travels the world rocking stages, clubs, etc, it is vital that I stay connected with all genres of music, new & old. Dj Slue & CrateConnect has made that so easy for me, by providing all the new joints from across the globe along with dj mashups, remixes, as well as hard to find throwbacks & classics. The constant promo packs really keep me up to date. Shout out to Slue & the entire Crate Connect family!!!!! Keep rockin 

Dj Scott Lot (AV8 Remixer/Producer)

CrateConnect: Simply Advanced, The thing I always loved about the site is that it's such an advanced engine but so simple to navigate. 

DJ Grouch (International Known Producer)

CrateConnect by far is the best digital dj pool I've ever used that has all versions of a track! DJ intro edits, radio, dirty, instros & acapella, they got them all! The layout is what I like the best. Real easy to use with quick access to whatever artist by genre, title, bpm etc. The downloads are incredibly fast! 

Kon-Tempt (AV8 Remixer/Producer)

As A Remix Producer, Wether I'm Smashing Dancehall With Electro Or R&B With Funky House, Crate Connect Shines Through As The Serious Professional's Source Time And Time Again.... 

BIG STEVE GEE (AV8 Remixer/Producer/Bumsquad)

I've used Connect for years, Its Serviced me with promos that Ive used for remixes I've produced which have been played worldwide & made numerous mixtape appearances, Its one of the hottest record pools out there. PERIOD! 

Dj Runna (Official Dj For Swizz Beatz)

This is DJ Runna. Reppin' Full Surface, Ruff Ryders, Monster Music Group and Crate Connect is where I go for all my new music... Showtime !!!!!!!!! 

Disco Fries (Electro Producers & Remixers)

CrateConnect has exposed our music to DJs throughout the world on a whole nother' level. This site is the truth!!! 

DJ IV (Official Dj For Classified)

With the way technology has changed recently it's such a breath of fresh air to have a site like not only supplying us Dj's with music from before we were born to the current hits, but also it gives Dj's a chance to network all over the globe. BIG Respects to Dj Slue for holding all of us down! 

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