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FAQs - Record Pool

Questions relating to the record pool

Yes, All songs are updated with ID3v2.4 tags and are all in the same format for easy sorting and track recognition. 

Yes, You can listen to & view the wavform the entire song before you download. You can also make playlists to easily listen to multiple songs.

Yes. We offer 8 & 16 bars intros as well as quick hits & Acap In/Outs. We have intros for new and older promotional music. You can also request an intro for a song if we are missing it on the pool.

There is no limit to how many songs you can download per month.

Music is added every weekday & also on weekends if the songs are a top priority release. 

All the songs are 320Kbs mp3 files. These songs are processed through a program called Platinum Notes™ to help reduce clipped peaks and improve overall quality.

We also offer a selection lossless WAV files. These are very high-quality files preferred by some DJs.


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