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Yes, The website is designed to work on all devices. Computers, tablets & mobile phones. When you download music on the record pool with a mobile phone or tablet. It will send a .zip file to your email so you can download the music on your computer or any other device. When you download through a laptop or desktop it will automatically save the .zip file to your computer.

To extract the .zip files we recommend these software solutions based on your operating system.




Yes. All songs have updated ID3 tags that contain accurate BPM & KEY information. You can also search by BPM or BPM range.

Yes. We offer songs from the '80s, '90s, and 2000s. We are always adding older releases to the pool.


⦁ Acapellas
⦁ Afrobeats
⦁ Bass House
⦁ Big Room
⦁ Bmore, Jersey Club
⦁ Dance, Electro House
⦁ Dancehall, Reggae
⦁ Deep House
⦁ Disco, Nu-Disco, Funky House
⦁ Drum & Bass
⦁ Dub Mix
⦁ Dubstep
⦁ Electronica, Chill Out
⦁ Euro House
⦁ Freestyles
⦁ Future House
⦁ Halloween
⦁ Holiday Music
⦁ Intros, Quick Hits, Transitions,
⦁ Instrumentals
⦁ Latin, Reggaeton
⦁ Moombahton
⦁ New Year's Eve
⦁ Other Types
⦁ Progressive House
⦁ Remixes
⦁ Samples & Tools
⦁ Soca
⦁ Tech House
⦁ Techno
⦁ Top 40, Rock
⦁ Trance, Psy Trance
⦁ Trap

We don't currently offer a preview or trial of the record pool. You can, however, check out this walkthrough video to see how the pool works.

These are some of the record labels we service.


Crate Connect Record Pool is a promotional music subscription service that enables professional DJs to download the latest promotional music for play consideration. The music is submitted to us from artists, DJs, producers and record labels worldwide.

  • First access to promotional music all in one location.
  • All songs are 320kbs mp3.
  • Exclusive Intros, Quick hits & Acap In/Out edits.
  • All songs are properly ID3 tagged. Saves you time sorting and organizing your music.
  • Very large back catalog of VLS, CDS & CDM promos.
  • Exclusive acapellas & instrumentals.
  • Find compatible songs by KEY or BPM.
  • Low cost per month.
  • Exclusive WAV Packs.
  • 30+ types of promotional music.
  • Discover new songs and genres.
  • Unlimited downloads per month.
  • Exclusive remixes.

A promotional single is a single that is made available to radio stations, nightclubs, music publications, and other media outlets by a record label for the express purpose of promoting a forthcoming commercial single or an entirely new album. 

This is usually for the purpose of promoting an entire album. While intended specifically for use by professional disc jockeys and not for resale

Yes, Our website uses the latest 256 bit SSL encryption security protocols from industry leaders Go Daddy™. 

Yes, All songs are updated with ID3v2.4 tags and are all in the same format for easy sorting and track recognition. 

Yes, you can listen to & view the wavform the entire song before you download. You can also make playlists to easily listen to multiple songs.

To submit music to the record pool please fill out this form

Yes. We offer 8 & 16 bars intros as well as quick hits & Acap In/Outs. We have intros for new and older promotional music. You can also request an intro for a song if we are missing it on the pool.

There is no limit to how many songs you can download per month.

Music is added every weekday & also on weekends if the songs are a top priority release. 

All the songs are 320Kbs mp3 files. These songs are processed through a program called Platinum Notes™ to help reduce clipped peaks and improve overall quality.

We also offer a selection of lossless WAV files. These are very high-quality files preferred by some DJs.


The large majority of the music is never removed from the record pool. We do however curate the selections from time to time. This helps ensure the record pool runs smoothly by reducing load times & removes some of the music with low download counts. 

You can access the record pool instantly once you subscribe. You may have to logout and back in for your account to be updated.

Yes. If your credit card or PayPal information changes and you need to renew your account. You can rejoin at the same rate you had before. Please contact us before you re-subscribe so we can offer you the past rate you had.

If you get a payment declined message while trying to subscribe. It could be a number of a variety of reasons, These are the most common reasons for payment declined.


1. Please ensure the card number could be inputted correctly. 

2. Please ensure the CVV number could be inputted correctly. 

3. Please ensure the card owners name & address are correct.

5. We do not currently accept credit card gift cards. It must be an issued card.


If you have any questions please contact us.