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  • Welcome to the brand new Crate Connect Record Pool! This is the most advanced record pool online. We have tons of new features added to make searching for music easier and faster. 

    Please Note: We are currently rescanning the older songs to improve the quality. So some of the older stuff is not available on the new site yet. It will be updated daily as we complete the scanning. 

    Below is a talkthrough video to explain the new features in the Record Pool.

DJ News

    • A State Of Traktor: New Hardware and Software Coming in 2018

      Apr 24 2018 | 8:38 pm

      Digital DJs around the world fell in love with Traktor eight years ago. At the time, Traktor Pro was one of the most flexible platforms for DJ performance, control surface customization, quality FX, and a future-forward approach to development. The hard work that engineers at Native Instruments did in the development of Traktor Pro 2 and the Kontrol S4 (with[…]

    • What is HD Vinyl + Should DJs Care?

      Apr 23 2018 | 10:54 pm

      As first reported on Pitchfork, an Austrian company called Rebeat got a $4.8 million investment to make "HD Vinyl" a reality. It could mean new vinyl pressings are louder, have higher audio fidelity, longer playing times, and might even be cheaper. Keep reading to learn what it could mean for the industry, consumers, and maybe even DJs.  The post What[…]


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