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  • We are re-scanning some of the older music to improve the quality, Add KEY information & check for errors & duplicates. So some of the past years are not currently available on the record pool. We currently have 2018-2002 & some early 80's selections available.

    Update (06.15.18):  2002 re-scanned & added back to the record pool.

    Below is a talkthrough video to explain the new features in the Record Pool.

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    • 5 Features That Every New DJ Mixer Should Have

      Jun 18 2018 | 6:50 am

      With the recent reveal of the new Xone:96 mixer, we're yet again thinking about industry standard mixer feature sets. What features should every club-level, potential industry standard DJ mixer have? Read what the DJTT community thinks. The post 5 Features That Every New DJ Mixer Should Have appeared first on DJ TechTools.

    • Nightmares In Clubland: Digital Dave’s Worst DJ Gig Ever

      Jun 15 2018 | 7:07 am

      Every month, DJTT's Tom Hricik sits down with a veteran club DJ and asks them about their “worst night ever”. A great deal can be learned from these unfortunate but realistic circumstances – and also give endless humor to boot. This month he spoke with Digital Dave, an elite party rocking mixed format DJ in the US. The post Nightmares[…]


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