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  • Welcome to the brand new Crate Connect Record Pool! This is the most advanced record pool online. We have tons of new features added to make searching for music easier and faster. 

    Please Note: We are currently rescanning the older songs to improve the quality. So some of the older stuff is not available on the new site yet. It will be updated daily as we complete the scanning. 

    Below is a talkthrough video to explain the new features in the Record Pool.

DJ News

    • Beatport Adds A New Genre; Shouldn’t Music All Be Crowd-Tagged?

      Mar 21 2018 | 8:32 am

      This week, online music store Beatport put out a jubilant announcement via press release. The big news? They're adding a new genre to the store, Melodic House & Techno. But what feels like it should be a futuristic online store still feels like shopping in a CD superstore. In this piece, we talk about how genres should really be tags[…]

    • Forgotten Tracks: Go Crate Digging In Your Own Collection

      Mar 19 2018 | 7:21 am

      It's easy to forget about music that you already own. Sometimes that best track to add to your playlists might be something that's been just out of your thoughts, or never got added to a playlist, or just hasn't been played anytime recently. In today's article, we look at a few great ways to discover (or rediscover) great tracks that[…]

    • Hands On With KUVO 3.0: Pioneer DJ’s Social Network for Dance Music

      Mar 14 2018 | 7:53 pm

      Remember KUVO, the service from Pioneer DJ that has tried to bring real-time reporting of tracks played in DJ sets to clubs around the world? This week, Pioneer DJ is relaunching the service in a new 3.0 update. The goal is to go beyond DJ sets and be a social network designed for everyone in club culture: DJs, clubbers, venues,[…]


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