• Key Features of The Record Pool

    ⦁ Ability to search & sort, artist, title, KEY BPM, BPM range or featured only
    ⦁ 30+ styles of music, spanning 30 years, Including exclusive remixes & DJ intros.
    ⦁ Trending & Newest added sections to show the newest and best songs released.
    ⦁ Lossless section so you can download songs in high-quality WAV, Flac formats.
    ⦁ Top downloads available for every month.
    ⦁ Build a playlist while searching to easily listen to songs.
    ⦁ Ability to search & sort by BPM, KEY, Artist, Title, Year, Type, Downloads, Date Added.                    

    Below is a video to showcase some of these record pool features



Featured Videos

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